What are your face detectors?

Posted on September 5th, 2016   09:10   Extractors
Marcel Sieland   1 0     posted 8 years ago   09:10


On what technology did you build the face detectors? OpenCV, dlib, homegrown tools…? Or is it secret?

I was trying to understand that┬áfrom the documentation but perhaps I didn’t find the right place to look! ­čÖé


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Christian Weigel   0 0     posted 8 years ago   01:24

No secret at all. The extractor uses libccv and a default model provide by the library author for the MICO extractors. We added some low level meta data model developed by Fraunhofer to the code that is then translated to RDF. We also used other OS libs such asMagick++ and ffmpeg for input decoding. The OS extractor code will be put online as soon as possible and then it will be much easier to see how that was used.

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