In order to test the MICO platform’s abilities at detection of species and blank images through image analysis, and at sentiment analysis and Named Entity Recognition through textual analysis of discussion posts, Zooniverse built a showcase application, which is pictured below (left). The application presents a number of tools for filtering down on certain sets of Snapshot Serengeti images. These filtered results can then be further explored by filtering according to what the MICO platform found. A specific image can be clicked to examine the MICO platform’s findings; the results are shown on two tabs. The “Visual Analysis” tab (top right) shows highlighted regions that were detected by MICO – you can hover over these to link the data with the image regions. The “Text Analysis” tab (bottom right) shows discussion posts made by users about this image, along with any detected Entities and sentiment. Alongside both tabs, the crowd opinions for that image are shown so that quality can be examined.

Live DEMO is no longer available

Zooniverse Serengeti MICO Demonstration from MICO Project on Vimeo.