Welcome to the MICO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you have a question or issue that is not answered below or not to your satisfaction then send a message to idmt-mico@idmt.fraunhofer.de

1. General

What will MICO focus on?
  1. Media in cross-media context, allowing to analyse media resources as well as connected content, including video, images, audio, text, link structure and metadata;
  2. Investigate cross-media analysis along the complete, distributed analysis chain, namely extraction, metadata publishing, querying and recommendations;
  3. Develop harmonized models and software services for orchestration of analysis components, representing and publishing of analysis results, and querying and evaluating such results;
  4. Contribute its main software development results as Open Source components to two established Apache projects, Apache Marmotta and Apache Stanbol, simplifying the use of the technology in industrial products.
Who is behind MICO?

MICO is a research and innovation project part funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme (grant agreement no: 610480). The project is made up of research, innovation and industry partners: Salzburg ResearchFraunhofer IDMTInSideOut10UMEA UniversityUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Passau, and Zaizi Ltd. The actual team behind the project is available on the team page.

2. Join MICO

How can I get involved in MICO?

If you are interested in cross-media content analysis, querying and recommendation then send and email to John Pereira the project manager. He will put you in touch with the right person. Just let us know if your a researcher, open source developer, media organisation or technology provider interested in leveraging MICO technologies.

3. MICO Platform

What can I do with the MICO Platform?

The MICO Platform is an environment that will allow to analyse “media in context” by orchestrating a set of different analysis components that can work in sequence on content, each adding their bit of additional information to the final result

How to use Mico-Platform for video analysis
  1. Setup and start platform
  2. Open inject page and upload your video
  3. Check progress and query results

4. MICO Extractors

What is a MICO extractor?

MICO extractors are software components that analyse multi media content in order to produce new content representations and meta data about that content to be fed into the MICO data model. You can find the list of extractors that we are working with over on the MICO Technology page, scroll to bottom of page.

5. Install and run MICO

How to install the MICO Platform

We have a dedicated page with installation instructions. Please jump to the page for more details. A summary of major installation questions will appear here shortly.

MICO Glossary

What are MICO Showcases?

Showcases (SC) represent the main starting point for requirements analysis. SC are current or planned projects of Zooninverse (ZOO) and InsideOut10 (IO).

What are MICO User Stories?

MICO User Stories (US) are derived from and/or referring to showcases. They serve as a starting point for requirements analysis, defining technology-free, high-level requirements in the form As a role, I want goal/desire (so that benefit). 

What are MICO Technology Enablers?

Technology Enablers (TEs) represent technical counterpart to user stories. They are used to express which technologies are required to support user stories and showcases. By linking TE and US, they make sure that what is “wanted” from a user perspective will be matched by enabling technologies, thereby creating the link that all further research and development work can refer to.