MICO Network

MICO is well positioned in a landscape of national and international networks. Particularly, it will build on the outcomes of many research projects that have been carried out in the last years in the area of information extraction and information management. MICO is also working closely with commercial stakeholders to test the MICO prototypes. Here is a list companies and projects currently testing and exploiting the MICO platform and components.

Redlink GmbH

Redlink GmbH was founded in March 2013 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. Redlink leverages the power of Apache Stanbol, Apache Marmotta and Apache Solr to deliver enterprise-grade Content Enrichment and Linked Data solutions. Redlink is investigating commercial use cases that could profit from the cross-media analysis capabilities of the MICO platform. Redlink is also a major open source contributor and so is keen to explore sustainability models for the MICO platform and component.  Redlink and its core team are committed to the development of Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta and to the continuous growth of these projects as well as their integration with Apache Solr.

CodeMill AB

CodeMill is an IT consultancy firm. We provide development of new systems, maintenance and support for old systems as well as on-site consultants. We are typically involved in development processes all the way from defining goals and requirements, through development and testing, to integration and evaluation. As partners we are reliable, engaged and competent; most of our employees have an MSc degree (or higher) in Computing Science or Interaction Design. Since starting up in 2007 we have increased our turnover almost double every year and grown to over 30 employees.

Zaizi Ltd

Zaizi is an experienced open source information and technology consulting firm specialising in enterprise content management (ECM) and document capture solutions. Through strategic partnerships with eXo, Alfresco and Ephesoft, Zaizi delivers a complete range of enterprise content solutions, including document and web content management systems, scanning solutions, portals, and corporate intranets and extranets.


InSideOut10 is an Italian start-up and consulting firm with an extensive experience on web publishing and media delivery platforms. InSideOut10 is major shareholder of Insideout.Today a start-up based in Cairo, Egypt and focused on content management solutions for broadband and mobile networks. InSideOut10 as Mico’s industry partner will validate the project’s results on his products and solution: Helix Cloud (a video middleware developed in partnership with RealNetworks), WordLift (a semantic plug-in for WordPress) and a mobile instant video recording application for user generated content being developed by the Egyptian team and named “شوف” (it means “Look here” in arabic and it is pronounced “Shoof”).


MICO will reuse the components developed in a number of further research projects funded by the European Union. Specifically, it will make use of outcomes of the FP7 IP ARCOMEM (OpenIMAJ framework, GATE framework), from the ongoing FP7 projects REWIND (wrt annotator evaluation) and CUbRIK (wrt. combining automatic annotation and relevance feedback), the German THESEUS project (distributed multimedia querying, A/V analysis component evaluation), the FP7 SME STREP CODE (distributed linked data querying, crowd sourcing)