Frank Drewes is the director of the research group Natural and Formal Languages at Umeå University and a specialist in formal models for the description and manipulation of complex structures. Frank received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bremen in Germany in 1996. In 2000 he joined Umeå University as a lecturer and became professor in 2010. His main interest and expertise is in Theoretical Computer Science, more specifically, formal grammars and automata that enable us to model complex systems and their dynamic behaviour while having a precise semantics and good algorithmic properties. In particular, he is a specialist in grammars and automata on pictures, trees, and graphs, areas to which he has contributed with many scientific articles and conference contributions. In particular, he is the author of a monograph on Grammatical Picture Generation in the Springer series Texts in Theoretical Computer Science and of the software system TREEBAG that makes it possible to experiment with the tree-based generation of objects of different descriptions.

Quick Facts:

Location: Umeå University, Department of Computing Science (,,

Hobbies: Dart frogs, photography ( [only Swedish and German])

Passionate about: My daughter, an elegant proof of a new theorem, my hobbies