Patrick Aichroth worked as an IT freelancer and software developer, before becoming a researcher at Fraunhofer IDMT in 2003, focusing on user-centric, incentive–oriented solutions to the “copyright dilemma”, content distribution and media security. Since 2006, he is head of the media distribution and security research group at Fraunhofer IDMT. He has been involved in many industrial and publicly funded research projects, including EU projects SemanticHiFi, PHAROS, DIOMEDES, REWIND and CUbRIK. He is especially interested in applying technology to solve problems in the areas of trust, privacy, security and information overload, and in the question of how R&D projects and software engineering can be organized efficiently. Within MICO, he is coordinating FHG activities, and is involved especially in requirements methodology and gathering, related media extractor planning, and system design and implementation aspects related to broker, media extraction and storage, and security.