Thomas Kurz is Researcher at the Knowledge and Media Technologies group of Salzburg Research. His research interests are Semantic Web technologies in combination with multimedia, human-computer interaction regarding to RDF metadata, and Semantic Search. He is doing his PhD at the University of Passau under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Kosch (Department of Distributed Information Systems). The topic of Thomas’ PhD is the development of a Linked Media query language that unifies classical information retrieval techniques and structured query approaches. Thomas was involved in the European project KIWI (EU FP7 STREP). He was use case manager in the Austrian Competence Centre for New Media (Salzburg NewMediaLab TNG) and is one of the main contributors of the Open Source projects Linked Media Framework and Apache Marmotta. In addition he is leading several UI application projects in the field of Semantic Web and multimedia like the thesaurus editor skosjs , the SPARQL UI squebi, and an html5 player for rich annotated videos named lime.