This section guides you through the installation of the MICO platform on a Linux Debian platform. For quick-start use the virtual machine image with the pre-installed MICO platform.

The packages are designed for Debian Jessie (AMD64 architecture). For the next steps we assume you have a running Debian Jessie AMD64 with administratives privileges. All follow steps need to be run with root privileges:

1. Create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mico.list and add the line:
deb mico main contrib

2. Update the package information, install the repo key and reload package information by typing the following lines:
apt-get update
apt-get install mico-apt-key
apt-get update

3. Install the platform and extractors (during these steps you will be prompted to change some settings, you should be fine with the default values):

apt-get install mico-platform
The hostname plays a very important role and can not be easily changed later. So you should not use IP addresses or FQDNs that conflict with existing names.

All platform services get started on boot. The extractor pipelines can be started using the configuration Web interface.

Now you can go on installing extractors.