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An Economical Use Case for the MICO Platform: Cooperation with the Université du Québec
October 4, 2016

In August and September 2016, the MICO team of the University Passau was visited by Prof. Alain April, who is full…

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Bridging the Semantic Web for Multimedia – The MICO Metadata Model
September 6, 2016

(Emanuel Berndl, University of Passau, PhD Thesis – Early Ideas) Thematically, the thesis is set in the field of the Semantic…

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ManifoldCF-MICO Transformation Connectors
May 24, 2016

Apache ManifoldCF Central to our enterprise cross media search use case is the Apache Manifold Connectors Framework. ManifoldCF provides a set…

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Reimagining the Video Player with the help of MICO – Part 1
May 13, 2016

How more context can help us revamp HelixWare’s Video player to boost user engagement on news sites. Our use case in MICO is focused…

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New Project – Computer Vision: Serengeti
May 10, 2016

Today, we are launching a brand new Zooniverse project – Computer Vision: Serengeti. This project, which we built in collaboration with our…

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Why Citizen Science Researchers Shouldn’t Remove Mundane Images
January 5, 2016

Earlier this year, we wrote about our surprising finding that our attempts to encourage Snapshot Serengeti users to stay longer and provide…

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Introducing the Zooniverse: A MICO partner
July 15, 2014

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most successful citizen science platform. They build projects that allow anyone with internet access…

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