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Setting up an ML and NLP environment for user competence analysis
November 8, 2016

In this blog post we describe the efforts made to set up a machine-learning environment for discovering competence patterns from the…

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Help MICO identify animals in Serengeti
June 14, 2016

As you may know we have the wonderful team of Zooniverse as partners in MICO. They have built over the last…

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New Project – Computer Vision: Serengeti
May 10, 2016

Today, we are launching a brand new Zooniverse project – Computer Vision: Serengeti. This project, which we built in collaboration with our…

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Why Citizen Science Researchers Shouldn’t Remove Mundane Images
January 5, 2016

Earlier this year, we wrote about our surprising finding that our attempts to encourage Snapshot Serengeti users to stay longer and provide…

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Recognising emotions in the wild
June 16, 2015

Several metadata extractors have been released for version 1.1.1 of the MICO platform. On the language-processing side, there is support for…

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Snapshot Serengeti: An Unexpected Discovery
May 21, 2015

Back in March, we wrote about our plans to conduct experiments on Snapshot Serengeti, showing users more of the species they…

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Snapshot Serengeti Season 8 ready for MICO
March 5, 2015

Recently the Zooniverse launched the eighth season of the Snapshot Serengeti project with 362,000 new subjects from the automated camera traps in the…

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Introducing the Zooniverse: A MICO partner
July 15, 2014

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most successful citizen science platform. They build projects that allow anyone with internet access…

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