Organizing and finding relevant information is paramount in enterprise content management systems. Most of the enterprise content management solutions provide enterprise search capabilities to effectively retrieve content.

Usually enterprise search solutions focus only on keyword based search. It is difficult to find relevant information only using keyword based search as it considers only the literal sense of the search terms. Further, some search terms have more than one meaning and it is difficult to disambiguate the meaning of a given search term. Therefore, understanding users’ search intention is intrinsically hard. Further, information is scattered across different data sources, hence quickly finding relevant information is still a challenge. Moreover, even though valuable information can be embedded in different multimedia formats such as image and audio, mostly textual content is considered during information retrieval in conventional enterprise search solutions.


Sensefy as an enterprise semantic search solution by Zaizi that focuses on addressing the said issues and challenges. Sensefy provides federated search that facilitates searching across multiple repositories. In addition to conventional keyword based search, Sensefy provides semantic search with high-level concepts and semantic entities. End users can navigate through the content by selecting the related concepts and entities they are interested in.

Sensefy uses MICO to enable cross media search. When multimedia content is uploaded to the content repository, the embedded content is analyzed by MICO and enhanced with useful content annotations using technologies such as speech recognition and object detection.

You can refer to our previous blog to find more details about how MICO has helped Sensefy to achieve cross media semantic search. Similarly, MICO can be very useful in the enterprise content management domain to enhance and extract valuable insight from the content stored. MICO together with enterprise content management systems will enable the knowledge workers in the enterprise take informed decisions effectively and efficiently.