The Swedish Language-Technology Conference (2016) is a bi-annual event that attracts researchers, students, and proficients from all of Scandinavia.  High-quality keynote lectures have always been central to SLTC. The invited speakers describe the state of the art, identify future challenges, and serve to stimulate discussion. This year, the conference welcomes Prof. Alessandro Moschitti and Prof. Mehryar Mohri, both experts on machine learning; Prof. Jill Burstein, researcher and entrepreneur in machine-supported language acquisition; and Assoc. Prof. Marco Kuhlmann, known for his work on parsing language into formal representations.
As the UMU part of the MICO team is hosting the conference, it is natural that MICO will make an appearance. A presentation and system demonstration is planned as part of the industrial track on the last day of the conference. The focus will be the textual extractor pipeline and the system’s potential as a framework for rapid prototyping. As speech recognition is a recurring theme at SLTC, we believe that many will find the Kaldi-based extractor interesting. For those that find the idea of Umeå in dampest and darkest November simply irresistible, SLTC is the perfect excuse to go.