MICO will be presenting at a number of world class conferences in 2016. They include the European Data Forum, iSemantics and the International Broadcasting Conference. So if you are in the neighbourhood we would love to see you. As we get ready to launch our next version of the MICO platform we are also preparing our software and use case demos for presentation at these events.

Visit us and take MICO home with you. Your personal appointment includes not only meeting the smiling faces of the MICO team but also:

  1. Walk through of the MICO platform
  2. Select and learn from a list of MICO showcases
  3. Download and run your own open source MICO platform bundle
  4. Discuss commercialisation opportunities with MICO business partners

MICO on the road in 2016 @:

Send me a message to book your meeting with the MICO team.

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