MICO Hackathon in SalzburgMICO Hackathon @ Salzburg May 2015

Over the last few months we have been working furiously on the various components for the first release of the MICO Platform.

On the 6th and 7th of May, developers and coders gathered in Salzburg to make final improvements to ensure all components are accessible via the Platform. Thanks to the team: Thomas Kurz (SRFG), Horst Stadler (SRFG), Jakob Frank (SRFG), Christian Weigel (FHG), Marcel Sieland (FHG), Yonas Demeke (UMU), Adam Dahlgren (UMU), Kai Schlegel (UoP), Emanuel Berndl (UoP), Andreas Eisenkolb (UoP), Antonio Perez (Zaizi) and Emil Lundh (Codemill)

A special thanks to Emil Lundh from Codemill who joined the Hackathon as an invited expert to help with integration of the Kaldi Speech-to-Text extractor.

Some of the final pieces of the puzzle we worked on included updates to the APIs for Java and C++ to connect with the central infrastructure of the MICO platform, and to support the new Meta-Data model based on W3C Open Annotation Data Model. For simpler usage, our parnter University of Passau has created a new library: Anno4j, which is already integrated in the platform.

Stay tuned for our release of the MICO Platform 1.0.