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Semantics 2016
September 27, 2016

Semantics is an annual conference which is intended to bring together expertise in the field of semantic computing from all over…

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Cross Media Concept and Entity Driven Search with Sensefy and MICO
July 11, 2016

During the past few months we have kept you updated with the progress of our enterprise cross media search solution with…

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ManifoldCF-MICO Transformation Connectors
May 24, 2016

Apache ManifoldCF Central to our enterprise cross media search use case is the Apache Manifold Connectors Framework. ManifoldCF provides a set…

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Java Client for MICO Platform
May 19, 2016

As part of our enterprise cross media search solution with MICO platform, we have implemented a Java client to connect with…

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Cross media recommendation in MICO
April 12, 2016

What is cross media recommendation? Within MICO, we define Cross Media recommendation by looking at the inputs and outputs of a…

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Innovation in Digital Journalism
January 19, 2016

This blog post summaries the work done in the context of WP8 in the area of digital journalism. This last December we…

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Utilizing the MICO platform for cross media recommendation
January 14, 2016

This is the start of a series of blog posts covering the advances of WP5: Cross Media Recommendation.

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An Update on MICO Enabling Technologies
August 17, 2015

Lets take a look at the progress in MICO and especially the enabling technologies that compose the MICO platform for cross-media…

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WordLift powered by MICO at the European Semantic Web Conference 2015
June 3, 2015

The semantic web community is supported by an interdisciplinary research field in which academy and industry share their vision of the…

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Snapshot Serengeti: An Unexpected Discovery
May 21, 2015

Back in March, we wrote about our plans to conduct experiments on Snapshot Serengeti, showing users more of the species they…

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